Online Roulette Tips

Roulette is the game of pure chance but still you can follow some useful tips that can make your play more smart and easy. These roulette tips are a good advice for those players who consider odds at the roulette table and want to win more.


Never buy any winning strategies or systems, even if they are believed to be 100% effective. Any strategy at roulette is a myth in fact, and by selling such things people just want to make money but not to help you to beat the bank.


In case the casino you choose to play at features American and European roulette wheels, always play only at European roulette. European roulette has smaller house edge and provides higher winning odds for players.


Always look for the special roulette options that help to decrease the house edge. These options are known as “surrender” and “en prison” rules. You can learn more about these rules at our Strategy page.


Manage your bankroll. This means that you must always set a betting limit and hold on to it every time you come to play roulette.


Among all the bets in the game you are recommended to choose those with the highest winning odds. These bets are even/odd, red/black, dozens and column bets that pay out 1 to 1 (even money bets). Of course, the bets with higher payouts may bring good money if you guess the number to come up, but they also have the biggest house edge. Thus if you want to play smartly place only even money bets.


Do not expect to win big at roulette. This game is a kind of entertainment rather than a way to earn good money. Roulette is a social game that’s why relax, have a nice chat with other players and don’t concentrate on money only.

Note, that all these roulette tips are aimed to increase the player’s odds and decrease the house edge to the minimum. Of course, they do not guarantee 100% win but if you follow this advice you will definitely play more confidently and systematically.