Roulette Table Layout

The roulette table area that is covered with the cloth and contains the betting zone is known as the “layout”. According to the type of the roulette, American or European (French), the table layout might be double or single zero. American roulette layout contains both single (0) and double zero (00) betting sections while European roulette layout has only single zero section to place bet on. Traditional American roulette table layout differs from the European one by the position of roulette wheel on the table: it is usually at the end of the table unlike French style roulette where the wheel is in the centre of the table layout. However, both types of roulette with the wheel at the end of the table are now featured at most online and offline casinos.

At roulette game the players can place a number of inside and outside bets that differ by the payout odds. Inside bets as the name indicates are made inside the numbered grid that covers the separate numbers from 0 (or 0 and 00) to 36. Outside bets are placed outside the numbered grid on the special sections that are marked according to the type of each bet. Usually, there are betting limits at the roulette table that show the minimum and maximum size of the bet allowed at the table. The players can place bets until the dealer announces “No more bets!” After the wheel spin the dealer places a special marker on the winning number on the table. When the marker is on the table the players are not allowed to touch chips or make any bets. Only after the dealer finishes to pay out the winnings and removes the marker from the betting zone there is a new game round and the players can place bets again.

One of the basic features of roulette game is that it uses the special chips with no value denomination. The roulette chips differ only by color. Usually there are up to six sets of differently colored chips that can be used by six different players. When the player joins the table he exchanges money for roulette chips of the specific color. The value of each single chip is indicated by the amount of buy-in and the total number of chips the player receives. Note: before you leave roulette table do not forget to cash out the chips as you can do it only at the roulette table and nowhere else.