Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is a social game that is why every player must follow special casino rules (read here) which guarantee pleasant game. Roulette etiquette is obviously the most important component of the successful and involving gameplay. Thus for every player it is very important not only to learn the rules and strategies of the game but also the roulette etiquette and follow it at the roulette table.

Roulette etiquette covers the most essential aspects of the roulette game that must be followed. The following options are obligatory at every casino:

  • The bets must be placed after croupier takes away the special marker and before he says "No more bets”. Otherwise, any action will be misconstrued as cheating.
  • The players must not touch the wagered chips and only croupier is allowed to deal with bets and pay out the winnings.
  • Do not try to bet with the regular casino bets at the roulette table as the special colored chips are used at roulette game.
  • At most European casinos it is prohibited to tip the roulette croupier while at most American casinos the players are allowed to tip croupier after a series of wheel spins but the amount of the tips must correspond to the bets size. When you want to thank the croupier, place an additional bet next to your initial bet with the words “Here's one for you”.
  • According to the roulette etiquette it is not appropriate to disturb other players, touch them or their chips. Respectful behavior is welcome at the roulette table.
  • Every time you play roulette try to be polite and thoughtful. Just relax, have a nice conversation with other players and have a good time.
  • Moreover, at some casinos the roulette etiquette includes the dress code that is why the players must check up this rule each time they are going to visit casino. Usually, dress code is applied at the best and most elite European roulette casinos. At American casinos the rules usually are not so strict.
  • Some of the UK roulette casinos welcome only their club members and the player needs a membership card to play roulette, otherwise he will not be able to gamble at the chosen casino.

We have listed the options that are obligatory at most the casinos and if you do not follow them you might be asked to leave the table. In addition, do not afraid to speak with croupier in case of any inaccuracies and stand up for your right. Thus, follow such rules:

  • Ask questions if you cannot understand something relating the rules or any actions at the table, the croupier will be happy to help you.
  • Speak up each time you notice some mistakes that can cost you money.
  • Before leave the table the players must exchange their roulette chips for the regular casinos chips. If you do not do this all the chips lose their value after you leave the table and you will not be able to receive your winnings.

These are the general rules of the roulette etiquette that are very important when you face the other social values. By following these rules you will never offend other people and together with the knowledge of the roulette game itself it will allow you and other players to enjoy the game.