Roulette Terms

Ball track — the outer rim of the roulette wheel on which the ball is spun.

Biased Wheel — the poorly made roulette wheel that causes the numbers to come up not randomly.

Big Number — the number that comes up more often than others or than it is statistically possible.

Bottom Track — the inner part of the roulette wheel on which the roulette ball slides before resting on one of the numbered slots.

Chasing Losses — the roulette strategy that is used by the player who loses much. According to this strategy the player starts betting even more to win all money back.

Choppy Game — the losing roulette game. No matter whether the player or casino loses the game is called Choppy Game.

Croupier — the casino employee who operates the roulette table and runs the roulette play.

Five Number Bet — the bet on five specific numbers (0, 00, 1, 2 and 3) at American roulette only.

House Edge — the casino advantage over the players.

Inside Bets — the bets that are placed inside the roulette number grid.

Orphelins — the bet on three neighboring numbers that are close at the roulette wheel but no on the number grid. This bet is available only at European roulette.

Outside Bets — the bets that are placed outside the roulette number grid.

Pay out — money the casino pays out to the winner.

Roulette Layout — the area on the roulette table which contains the numbered grid where the bets are placed.

Roulette Table — the table with the roulette wheel and betting area (layout).

Roulette Wheel — the wheel with 37 slots (or 38 at American roulette) numbered from 1 to 36 plus additional 0 slot (0 and 00 slot at American roulette). The wheel has the ball track on which the ball is spun and the numbered pockets for ball landing which determine the winner. The roulette wheel spins clockwise and the roulette ball in the opposite direction.

Tiers du cylinder — the term for the roulette bet placed on the group of numbers that are close on the number grid.

Visual Wheel Tracking — the skill to guess the number on which the ball will land at a single glance at the roulette wheel.

Voisins du Zero — the term for roulette bet on the group of numbers close to 0.

Wheel Clocking — the tactic used by some roulette players to determine the roulette pattern or biased wheel by tracking the results.